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Joint Replacements

Manipal hospital, established in 1991 has all specialties under one roof which allows comprehensive multidisciplinary care of polytrauma patients. The department of Emergency Services & Intensive Care units are well equipped to receive poly trauma patients.
Manipal Hospital's Joint Replacement Center performs hundreds of joint replacements each year and earns high praise from patients and their families. We offer a comprehensive program with personalized care, excellent outcomes, and superior satisfaction.
Working in collaboration with national joint care experts and area orthopedic specialists, Manipal Hospital is a favourite the destination of choice for joint replacement patients from Karnataka State and all over India and overseas patients.
The foot itself contains 26 bones and the ankle joint actually involves three bones. A broken ankle can involve one or more bones, as well as injuring the surrounding connecting tissues such as ligaments and capsule.
Our Exclusive Joint Replacement Operation Theater has:
Joint Care Services
If you have chronic joint pain, life's simple tasks can become major challenges. While medication and targeted exercise can offer temporary comfort, joint replacement is often the best choice for lasting pain relief and return to an active, independent lifestyle. We offer a range of options to relieve joint pain and restore mobility including: Our panel of consultant comprises of highly qualified General Physicians. Their clinical skills are supported by excellent laboratory and investigatory facilities. A brief of the various services offered by this unit include -
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • Custom fit Knee Replacement
  • Minimally invasive Knee replacement
  • Computer Assisted Knee Replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Hip Resurfacing
  • Shoulder Replacements
  • Elbow Replacements
  • Wrist Replacements
Superior Patient Experience
Joint Replacement Center gets patients moving again in a supportive environment. Exercise and therapy are provided in a group setting so patients can encourage each other on the road to recovery. Family members and friends are welcome to serve as coaches to motivate patients during their stay and assist when they return home.
Total Knee Replacement
Over time, cartilage that cushions joint bones can wear, cause discomfort, and make simple activities like walking difficult. Knee replacement can reduce or eliminate pain, allow easier movement and help restore an active, independent life. Knee replacement surgery may be considered for patients with arthritic knee pain that severely limits their daily activities. Many types of knee implants are available today. Your surgeon will select an implant that best suits your needs, taking into consideration such factors as age, activity level and the implant's characteristics.
Partial Knee Replacement
Partial knee replacement surgery resurfaces worn surfaces of the knee with metal and plastic components. Over time, cartilage that cushions joint bones can wear, cause discomfort and reduced mobility. Partial knee replacement may be an option for patients with arthritis limited to one area of the knee. There are some advantages of partial knee replacement when compared with total knee replacement. Because a smaller area of the knee is affected, the implants are smaller, allowing surgeons to use smaller incisions. In addition, there is less trauma to the bone and surrounding tissue and often a quicker recovery time when compared with total knee replacement. Your surgeon can determine if partial knee replacement is an option for you.
Total Hip Replacement (Traditional)
Total hip replacement surgery can reduce or eliminate pain, allow easier movement and help restore an active, independent life. Hip replacement surgery may be considered for patients with arthritic hip pain that severely limits their daily activities
Hip Resurfacing
Lasting Pain Relief for Younger, Active People If you're an active adult with chronic hip pain, a procedure called hip resurfacing may be the answer for you. It's a variation of total hip replacement that can provide lasting pain relief and allow you to continue your active life. Physicians often advise patients with hip pain to hold off as long as possible before getting a hip replacement. That's because total hip replacements usually last about 20 years so younger patients may need another replacement later in life. With hip resurfacing, the present arthritis can be effectively treated with an implant that limits the amount of bone removed. This is important in the event future surgery is required. Hip Resurfacing Benefits
  • Bone-Saving - With Hip Resurfacing , the ball and socket are resurfaced rather than completely replaced. The size of the implant may also help retain hip stability and range of movement.
  • Pain Relief - Hip Resurfacing implants offer many years of pain relief.
  • Activities - With Hip Resurfacing, many patients find they are able to resume participation in most low impact activities safely, free from the pain and stiffness they had before surgery.